What My Friends Say

I am not the only one who has been through a heartbreak, and the heartbreak that I have talked about was a long time ago, but I remember it vividly. My friends and I often talk about heartbreak and the guys that brought the heartbreak to us, and they suck…. sorry, fellas! When we talk about our heartache or our personal stories; weather it be violence, sexual infidelity, just boys being boys, verbal abuse or anything else you can think of, I always see one thing happen. My confident, loving and beautiful friends become “BROKEN,” I see it on their face and I feel it in their heart, it makes me just want to hold them and let them cry it out. How can one human being make another human being feel like they are worth nothing, that they are not beautiful, or they were not “good enough?” I HATE IT! Girls work in a different way, I once read somewhere that it takes 10 compliments to make up for 1 negative comment. I believe this 100 percent, Girls take things so literal and girls care so deeply, not saying guys do not as well but usually girls are the majority. It kills me because I know how it hurt when I went through a break-up, but after hearing some of my friends’ stories, I feel even worse for thinking my situation was the end of the world. When we have these deep conversations, I am reminded that the first cut really is the deepest and it really does affect you in your next relationship. I know a lot of people who have trust issues, and I know a lot of people who are too insecure to even think about another relationship. Then there is the girl that along the way got hurt so bad that she has built up a million different walls that only one person will be able to break  down but only if it is the perfect person. How does that one person break down the walls? How do you learn to trust again? How do you truly move on from the worst pain you’ve ever felt?

3 thoughts on “What My Friends Say

  1. It’s honestly a hard thing to move on from. One of the best ways to learn to trust again is prayer. Although cliche God has never let anyone down. He may not come when you want him to but He’s always on time. Keeping that in mind just trusting him to heal you is the first step.


  2. I love this blog because of how relatable it is. Without meaning to, girls take everything anyone says to heart. Even if we know that person was joking when they said it, that comment will still be in the back of our minds. I think you learn to trust again by just talking to your girl friends and learning that we all go through similar things.


  3. The pain of a heartbreak or loss is such a complex one that I personally have dealt with very personally as well. My two cents may be that I believe as females not only should we stay pure sexually but also emotionally as well. I don’t think we are meant to put our heart on our sleeve until we know that person has come along and that’s hard to do. Additionally, many females as proven mature on a faster level which can add to the confusion of these situations. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable on your posts!


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