Take Time For You

After you go through a breakup, you start the healing process. You learn a lot about yourself, and you go back to every moment from your past relationship and usually say “Why did I do that?” or “Why did I even like that person in the first place?” After your breakup I suggest you take time to just be by yourself. There is a certain beauty in being able to go to a restaurant by yourself, or goto the movies by yourself. You see more and you can appreciate more because you are not blinded by your feelings toward’s another person. You are simply listening only to yourself.

I would also recommend some therapy. I have had friends that have gone to therapy after a breakup, and they said it helped them so much. They often made the comment that they wish they had gone earlier because it probably would have helped them during their past relationship. In therapy they said they learned how to love themselves for who they were, and they learned how to gain their confidence back.

Lastly, listen to God. A lot of times we are so impatient and we want something to happen in the exact moment we want it to. That is not how God works; God works in mysterious ways, and His plan is ultimately the best for us. There is a verse that mentions going through the darkest times to find the brightest treasures, and I think that is exactly what you have to do. As long as you trust God and trust in His plan; everything will be great in the end. Have you ever considered therapy? Have you ever been through something where you have to trust God fully to bring you out of the darkness? Have you ever taken “ME Time?”

3 thoughts on “Take Time For You

  1. Taking time for yourself is really important. Whether you just got out of a relationship, are in a relationship or just enjoying your single life. It’s important to take care of yourself. I try to make time for me at least a few hours each week just to relax. I go get my nails done or turn off my phone and watch a movie! I love my me time!!!


  2. I love this. I think the road to healing from any deep loss can be profoundly draining and rocky, but I also believe that the journey of healing is a beautiful one.


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